Get Ready To Get Younger!

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Do you keep finding gray hair scattered about your home? Are you apprehensive about aging too fast? Is there a constant nagging worry in the back of your mind regarding the consequences of aging and the adverse effects it will have on your body and mind?

If you thought you were the only one facing these terrible fears, or that these concerns are trivial and just the result of an over-active imagination, then think again. Do not get bogged down by these dreadful thoughts. Get proactive and try out the latest HealthGAINS Cenegenics alternative.

It might seem like making a molehill out of a mountain. But according to surveys conducted by websites like, there are millions of folks all around the world who are facing the same fears as you are. Today, you can find many people scouring the internet hoping to find a solution against aging too quickly. Most of them get quickly lured by quack schemes that promote the proverbial fountain of youth, only to end up disappointed. And the greatest tragedy is that the disappointment often comes with a price tag that could go up to several thousands of dollars.

Why get beaten by these hair-brained schemes? A proper research on the internet will bring you some really amazing and easy ideas to take away a few years from your actual age!

One of the popular techniques being adopted by people across the world is the alternative to the renowned Cenegenics Program, called the Health Gains method. It has literally taken the world by storm. If you have any qualms about this approach, all you have to do is find the millions of testimonials, often in video format, being uploaded by satisfied followers from all corners of the Earth. The treatments being offered at Health Gains are truly innovative and path-breaking, with many claiming a successful restoration of their quality of life.

Why are people so intent on reducing their age?
Often we do things to visibly reduce our age. We usually apply a bit of clever makeup or start dressing up smartly. These will only bring about cosmetic changes to our appearance. It might seem enough at first, but it is only with the passing of time that we all begin to realize that the effects of aging go well beyond the layers of skin. What is really required is a change within us. This is the change, which will bring about a total makeover, which in turn, will affect our entire being.

It is time people realized that aging is not just about a few wrinkles and a stoop. Physically, with aging come to a lot of problems, like aches and pains and the inability to do things that were once done with ease. As people grow older, they get to face another truth-Aging is a condition that affects our mentality as well.

At treatment centers like Health Gains, the emphasis is on the wellness of the patient. The treatments focus on regaining the confidence and vigor that were enjoyed by the people before they started noticing the signs of aging.

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Peptides And Skin Regeneration

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Peptides And Skin Regeneration

Research has proved that peptides have anti-aging effect. Though, it is still under study, peptides have shown anti-aging potential in test animals. The peptides are the building blocks that occur naturally in the skin of the mammals. The peptide is a protein piece linked with either two or more than two amino acids. These can be lab simulated. The peptides transmit messages between the skin cells to carry on repair work or simulation. For instance, the synthesis of collagen is stimulated by peptides when it is degenerated due to the exposure of UV rays. American Science Labs talks about the benefits of peptides. You can find more information on

It is lab tested that peptides successfully fight wrinkles. Collagen is a naturally occurring skin protein. It is responsible for the firmness of the skin and keeps it hydrated. The levels of collagen are high during the younger age. With age the collagen production is reduced and this leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. Peptides repair damaged collagens in test animals. Inducing peptides into the skin has show increased levels of collagen production in lab animals. Now, the animals are about to produce collagen irrespective of their age. The peptide increases collagen production making the skin firm and tight. It helps in preventing aging from the inside, informs test results.

Description of peptides
Peptides are small in size and they can pass through the skin without creating any obstacles. The tiny size helps it reach the lower layer of the skin. It does not produce collagen but also anti-oxidants and encourages the heeling process. Thereby, regenerating the skin. In some peptides glycosaminoglycan synthesis and copper molecule production are initiated responsible for quick healing and repair. Research shows that a combination of peptides yield best results in skin repair and regeneration. For best results it is studied that five of more peptides have beneficial effects.

Copper peptides
Peptides attached to copper have better healing properties on the skin. Research shows that copper has healing benefits. It has the potential of healing wounds in test animals. Copper peptide increases collagen production and also acts as antioxidant helping in skin repairing. Research in the universities and research institutes have proved that copper peptides accelerates repair of wounds in rats, mice, pigs and guinea pigs under laboratory conditions. It is also seen to improve skin re- epithelialization in animals. It promotes successful skin graft transplants in pigs.

These peptides transmit signals from the nerves to the facial muscles. These neuropeptides are called argireline. The laboratory studies show that they block the neurotransmitter release from the nerves. It is also studied that the argireline absorption from the skin to the muscle, may block muscle contraction, resulting in smooth skin.

Peptides are not designed to do just anything for the skin. For the peptide to work effectively, many things have to be in order. These are break down of proteins and have to be stabilized; else it might continue the break down process and become useless. Laboratory studies have gone to prove that signal peptides, copper peptides are some of those that have shown evidence of skin regeneration. The tests conducted on animals have gone a long way to prove the effectiveness of these peptides in promoting anti-aging benefits.

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