How To Cut Hair Using Hair Clippers


A considerable amount can be saved buying hair clippers, not to mention the time saved from the trip to the salon every few weeks. Not all can claim that they got it right the first time they used a hair clipper. With some patience and helpful hints, you can master the art of cutting your hair in the comfort of your home. Once you are comfortable in using the hair clippers, you can cut your hair in various styles listed in Even if you don’t want to cut your hair all the time, but want to trim it occasionally, you can still use a hair clipper and save some money.

Some of the steps involved in cutting your hair are listed below.

● The first thing to do is to invest on a good hair clipper. A good clipper with attachments is beneficial if you cut your hair in various length. Apart from this, the other tools you would need is a cape to cover yourself from small spiky hair from falling on your body. A good comb, and mirrors. One mid-sized mirror and another small mirror to view the back of your head.
● Choose an area where you can quickly clean, keep a vacuum cleaner or any other form of cleaner to sweep the area clean from the hair. Based on the type of hand clipper, choose to cut your hair in front of a view where you have a power outlet handy
● Familiarize yourself with the hair clipper and its accessories before you start cutting your hair.
● Keep a spray bottle to wet your hair, as cutting dry hair can get difficult.
● Cut your hair in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair, always cut a small portion of hair, rather than trying to cut a significant part of the hair. Start from the back of your neck and move upwards to the center and top of the head.

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