How To Spice Up Your Health And Fitness Goals


intro_12When one thinks of health and fitness, the first image that pops into mind is the image of sweating and toiling needlessly at the gym for hours, followed by an insipid meal of salad with more salad as the main course. Foe many people, the terms fitness and health are synonymous with being punished with a lack of food and a whole heap of exercise. At, we show you how you can make fitness fun and how you can take control of your body. People think that only younger generations have time or the need to hit the gym whenever they gain a little weight. However, as you grow older it becomes more necessary to keep in shape. With age, bones become brittle and balance becomes poor; it is only through some sort of life long fitness plan that these symptoms of aging can be alleviated a little bit.

Two main factors play the leading roles with regards to health and fitness. They are your exercise routine and your diet. It is a sad truth that people have come to believe that to be fit, you had to join a gym, work out for several hours every day, schedules a variety of fitness regimes like cross training, Pilates and resistance training and have a rigid set of preplanned exercise circuits that you have to do day in and day out. This cannot be further from the truth. In order to be considered healthy there is only one thing you need – a healthy muscle mass.

A healthy body requires fuel and while eating healthy generally means greater portions of fruit and vegetables and cutting back on unsaturated fats, this in no way means that the portions must be reduced to minuscule portions. Neither does it mean gorging oneself on protein supplements and beefing up to body builder proportions. While some may find it attractive, the care and attention that the upkeep of such muscle mass requires is a job in itself and one not many working or studying people will have the time for, thus leading to further complications. A good exercise regime consists of working out on alternative days to tone your natural muscle mass, cut down on unwanted mass and keep your body supple. A couple of 30 minute sessions per week is all you need to keep excessive fat buildup at bay and your body looking trim.

Muscles naturally burn fat with every movement throughout your life. If signing up for a gym membership sounds like too big a commitment, consider incorporating a few simple changes into your life. Just walking a couple of steps further, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, carrying heavy shopping and doing house chores will be enough to naturally burn calories. The other part of any fitness regime is how well you balance your diet. Stick to simple, unprocessed food as much as possible. Balance heavy meat dishes by eating smaller portions and filling yourself up with fruit and vegetables. Try and eat everything as fresh as possible. With a few little changes, it is easy to slide into a more healthy and happy life style

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