Things You Need To Know About Varicose Veins

varicose-veins (1)Nowadays we come across a large number of people affected by varicose vein. Here are the things what we need to about varicose vein. People often say that varicose vein is like death and taxes. We have to bear with it. Nothing could be done for it. But this isn’t necessarily true. Try to read online about the various kinds of treatment available to treat varicose vein in order to reduce its effect. Visit Varicose veins mainline where you can read out many user testimonials from affected patients and their ideas and suggestions on how to treat the disease.

The main cause is genetics. If any of your family members have been affected by it, there is a greater chance of you getting affected too.
The next cause for varicose vein is pregnancy. It is obvious that women gain weight during pregnancy and thereby at a higher risk.

Risk factors
Other than the above said factors that cause varicose vein, here are few other causes
Obesity – over weight adds pressure to veins.
Gender- women are prone to get affected more often. Due to hormonal changes that occur during puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
Lack of movement – Standing for longer time may keep your blood flowing and also when you move around and change positions.
Age – Normal wear and tear on your valves and veins can appear in the thirties for women

The disease usually appears in legs, feet, ankles and thighs. Pain varies from individual to individual. For some it may pain and for others it won’t. In case of pain, then the following conditions occur

Veins around your eyes may experience itching
Increase in pain after standing or sitting for long time
Throbbing, swelling, burning, or muscle cramping in your lower legs
Swelling and Skin ulcers in your ankles

Possible Complications

The disease has complications that include ulcers near varicose vein. It can even sometimes result in clotting of blood or even severe swelling. In such cases, take medical treatments immediately.

There are several examples to prevent varicose veins or keep them from becoming worse. They are
Stick to a low-salt, high fiber diet
Regular Exercising
Elevate legs for little period many times a day
Wearing compression stockings.
Avoid high heels
Lose excess weight
Change your standing or sitting position on regular basis

Time to Seek Treatment

When there is no visible improvement in veins and if any pain occurs, it’s the right time to consult your doctor.

Available Treatment Options

Here is an overview of the treatments available to treat varicose vein. They are
Ambulatory phlebotomy
Laser surgery
Endoscopic vein surgery
Vein stripping

Factors Determining Treatment
In case of RF laser and the endovenous, a doctor might recommend one over another due to anatomy and the depth and length of the vein. It can be either torturous or straight. In case of surface veins, the veins size and the patient’s preference typically determine if it is phlebotomy or Sclerotherapy.

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